Barbecued Chicken Wings

Submitted by: Bertha Smith
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Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: Five Minutes
Total Time: More than 1 hour

2 lbs chicken wings (cut at joints)
2 tbsp oil
salt and pepper, to taste
1 bottle chili sauce
2 dashes Worchestershire sauce
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1 small onion, chopped
Place chicken wings in casserole dish adding oil, salt and pepper. Bake at 325°F for 45 minutes. Remove from oven. Combine remaining ingredients; mix well and pour over chicken. Return to oven for another 45 minutes.

This is everything I use every day and my family loves chicken wings. I served it with white rice and it was a great hit!
Anne Lewis
I have all the ingredients and must give this one a try!
Paulette Emberley
I'm adding this recipe to my finger food list for game nights!
Janice Stuckless