February 1, 2011

Not these piggies!

I don't know if it's all the fables and nursery rhymes that I have been reading to my daughter lately, but I just felt the urge to make pig cookies! About a year ago I purchased some farm animal cookie cutters and in the mix was a pig. Using my all time favorite sugar cookie recipe  these cute pink piggies arose. Lots of fun to make and eat for sure!

When you roll out your dough try to keep it the same thickness. If not, some cookies will cook quicker or take longer to bake and you run the risk of them browning or being undercooked in the suggested baking time. 

Place the cookies about a 1/2 inch apart on your cookie sheet. The dough does not spread too much,  like other roll out cookies, and therefore you can get more cookies on a sheet, closer together. Using this recipe I made almost 6 dozen pigs!

When the cookies are cooled, outline them using royal icing tinted pink. 

Once you get them all outlined the first ones will be dried enough to "flood" with icing. Basically you fill the entire cookie that has been oulined with more icing. The royal icing you made for outlining will need to be thinned with either milk or water to allow it to flow onto the cookie. Spread with a small spatula and allow to dry. This creates a smooth finish on your cookie.

When you have the cookies covered with icing, add a candy or miniature chocolate chip for the eyes. I added minature heart sprinkles in red, white and pink. 

Another option with these cookies is just outline them and not fill them with icing. Looks equally as cute and much less work and time involved. You could add an eye by putting a dab of icing onto a sprinkle or heart candy to attach to the cookie. 

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