Believe it or not I have never cooked a turkey. I have made many a dish, baked many a dessert but never ever attempted a turkey. I eat turkey. Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Easter has a turkey meal involved at our house but I personally never have cooked one. I thank my husband for taking on this gigantic task and he does it quite well.

So, this is the only turkey that I have ever attempted! Made famous by the blogger, Bakerella®, cake pops have taken over the baking world. While trying to come up with a Thanksgiving sweet treat I remembered seeing these in Bakerella's book, Cake Pops®. They take a little bit of time to make, and a lot of patience but are so worth it!

First off be prepared that they will not come out perfect. There were no two turkeys alike in my flock! But this makes each one unique. You will need to allow yourself a lot of time. From baking the cake, creating the balls, melting the chocolate to the finished turkey cake pop it will probably take a few days or one full day. 


To make these little turkeys...

  1. Bake a cake from a cake mix. Use any flavour you like.
  2. Allow cake to cool, crumble, then mix with some purchased container spreadable icing (as much or as little as you like).
  3. Roll into balls, cool in fridge.
  4. Melt chocolate or candy wafers to a smooth consistency.
  5. Dip candy sticks into chocolate, insert half way into cake ball. Dip entire ball on stick into chocolate. 
  6. Insert two pieces of pretzels for legs. Stand cake pop in piece of styrofoam until dry. 
  7. Add "feathers" or candy corn pieces to each turkey with dabs of melted chocolate to attach. 
  8. Attach face (I used a chocolate covered raisin) with melted chocolate.
  9. Attach eyes (I used confetti sprinkles for the eyes and coloured black pupils with an edible marker or use a tiny dab of chocolate on a toothpick).
  10. Attach nose (I used sprinkles from a harvest coloured sprinkle collection).
  11. Add beard. I used an upside down heart sprinkle. 

Now your turkey is complete. These make great gifts for young and old. I wrapped some in plastic and attached a ribbon and tag for Thanksgiving treats. 

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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