They Said Yes - Readers' Proposal Stories

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  • Posted: Apr 29, 2019 3:13 PM

From funny, to romantic, to just plain perfect, readers share their proposal stories.

In February we launched a fun contest to win a Romantic Night for Two at the beautiful Murray Premises Hotel in downtown St. John’s, our generous sponsor. Downhome staff had a hard time picking just one winner, reviewing stories that made us laugh and sometimes tear up a little. It was ultimately a close race, but it was the sheer amount of preparation, the use of volunteers, and the fabulous execution of one unforgettable proposal that put it over the top. Congratulations, Kimberly Higdon (and now husband Adam)!
Read on for Kimberly’s engagement story and the runners-up in our contest. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations on all your beautiful, unique love stories!

Music and Moonlight
On our four-year anniversary, I thought we were going out for supper to celebrate. Little did I know, my boyfriend Adam and his friends planned (and worked hard in the freezing cold) to create the most amazing night...
After supper at a restaurant in St. John’s, Adam said, “Let’s go for a drive!” We headed up towards Cape Spear (the place where we first really met each other, I realized later...)
When we arrived at Cape Spear, it was very cold, but the night sky was so clear that you could see all the stars. It was so pretty.
Adam said, “Hey, let’s get out for a minute!” and he led me down to a clear area near a big rock. It was really dark, so I couldn’t see anything around me. Adam showed me what the Big Dipper looks like in the sky, and as I was trying to find it myself, I looked behind me and Adam was on the ground reaching for something. He then started to play guitar! What?! Where did the guitar come from?
Adam says, “Funny how there just happens to be a guitar behind this rock, hey? It’s a left-handed one, too!” (He plays left-handed guitar.)
By this time I was really wondering what was going on!
Adam started singing “Safe and Sound” by Hawksley Workman (one of my favourites). He started to tear up a little... His hands must have been frozen playing out in the cold, but he did such an amazing job! And then at the end of the song he changed the words from “you’re safe and sound with me” to “Kim, will you marry me?”
Be still my heart... He pulled out the most absolutely gorgeous ring  and I could actually see it in the dark because Adam’s genius brother Justin had installed lights inside the box.
According to my friend Deanna, my face was glowing when the box opened because of the lights in it, and you could see my reaction all the way back to the parking lot. (I didn’t know anyone was there! They are so smart... They even got a video!) I found out later that Justin, Deanna and our friend Andrew had been working hard all day to help Adam make the night so special.
I was in a little bit of shock while this was happening, so Adam had to ask “Well...?” And I said, “Oh my God, yes!”
And we hugged and then Adam realized he should put the ring on my finger. I didn’t know what hand, but he knew.
Then, as if that’s not amazing enough, there’s more...Huge fireworks started going off right above us. Justin and Andrew were hiding behind another huge rock the whole time and set them off after I said “Yes.”
What a night it was back on December 30, 2014!
Submitted by Kimberly Higdon

He Said Yes!
We had travelled to Las Vegas, me carting around this beautiful vintage men’s engagement ring with stealth. We had booked a day trip, a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.  Being a flight attendant by trade, I was used to the turbulence and was wide-eyed, taking in all the view. I looked over at Brandon, who was simply staring at his shoes, very motion sick. While watching him turn ten shades of green, I was nervous that my grand gesture was going to be spoiled.
After a beautiful tour, we finally landed in the Canyon, where there was champagne and cheese waiting for us at a picnic table. We sat and enjoyed until he was feeling himself again. I then asked the pilot if he would please take a photo of us standing with the vast view of the Canyon behind us. Brandon, oblivious at this moment, posed for the photo as I got down on one knee and took out the ring. I had a speech prepared; however, I only managed to get out: “I’ve never been more sure of something in my life. Brandon, will you marry me?” He said YES! (Thankfully, or that would have been an awkward helicopter ride home.)
We plan to marry on September 26, 2020, and it can’t come soon enough!
Submitted by Bree Parsons (soon to be Hillier)

Big Moment in the Big Apple

My only condition for a proposal was for it not to be on Christmas, or my birthday. I had barely looked at engagement rings before, and I had never really even thought about how it would go down. So in August 2018, I had a much anticipated birthday trip planned for New York City. At this time we had been together for nine years and 10 months; we’re high school sweethearts. Looking back I really should have expected it was going to happen soon, but it didn’t really cross my mind.
We arrived Monday, and Wednesday was my birthday. Our second day in NYC, Tuesday, was dedicated solely for Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. After the museum, my next goal was lunch - until my boyfriend said he had a “surprise” planned for me. My initial thought was, “Well I’m hungry, so does it involve food?” He surprised me with a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, which I had assumed was for my birthday. We get off the horse and carriage to take in the view of the famous Bow Bridge and when I turn around to make my way back, he’s on one knee. I can’t insert my first initial thought here because it may have included some inappropriate language. Once I realized exactly what was happening, I was dumbfounded. A hidden photographer also caught my reaction on camera: a lot of ugly laughing and happy crying went on. Being in a strange city and having some random guy jumping out of the bushes to take your picture wasn’t my finest moment. The whole ordeal was priceless, and so were the pictures to follow.
Submitted by Colleen Martin

Stole the Show
My amazing fiancé made our proposal a night to remember for sure! My favourite Canadian music band is Honeymoon Suite, and he took it upon himself to contact the band and set up the shock of my life. About a third of the way through the concert, lead singer Johnnie Dee spoke of how he loves coming to Newfoundland and has made many friends here... including a new one. “Is there a Mark White here?” And in the blink of an eye I was staring up on stage at my boyfriend and my idols! I was dumbfounded as to what was going on until my man took the mic and proceeded to tell the crowd how he met me and how his life has changed for the better. He then pulled me up on stage and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!
Submitted by Denise Holloway

Timing is Everything
I immigrated to Ontario (from Ireland) in 2011. I wasn’t long off the plane before I met my “now wife,” Adrienne. She was also liv-ing in Ontario but was from
In the summer of 2013 we had our first trip to her hometown of Springdale in central Newfoundland. What a time we had! Boating, fishing, cabin, ATVs, hunting, food, music and, above all, amazing people. I almost felt ashamed that I never knew of this place. Everyone kept telling me it’s a lot like Ireland, but it’s not - it’s so much better, so much freedom to go and do the things you enjoy. I was hooked. After going back to Ontario, all I could think about was moving to Newfoundland and eventually I convinced my girlfriend to make the move.
On April Fool’s Day 2015 we made it to the ferry in North Sydney, with two cats, a turtle, some luggage and a diamond ring in tow. The ring was secretly in my pocket. I had no plan on how to propose.
On the ferry we left the cats in the car but took the turtle up to our cabin. Adrienne went into the washroom to take care of the turtle. That’s when I dec-ided this is it! I’m going to do it!
So waiting on my girlfriend to come out of the washroom, I got down on one knee with the ring out. My heart was about to beat out of my chest I was so nervous.
But then, she called my name asking for a paper towel. I didn’t answer, so she called again, and still, I didn’t answer. Then, she came busting out the door losing
her mind, swearing at me, with her hands completely covered in turtle poop!
I didn’t know what to do. In that split second I was deciding if I should propose, laugh or swear back for ruining the biggest moment of my life! Then all of sudden the tears of happiness started. Phew! I didn’t even have to ask and she said yes! She even had her turtle poop-covered hand sticking out, looking to put the ring on right away! At least it went on easily.
Four years later life on the Rock is going great. We had an amazing wedding July 2017 in her parents’ backyard with all our family and friends, with no less than 27 Irish people getting Screeched-in. Now, along with our two cats and turtle, we have a dog and a beautiful baby girl.
Submitted by Tony Hughes

Almost Lost It
I had just worked a 10-hour shift and it was midnight when Chris picked me up from work one evening. He had made me some quesadillas and I was anxious to get home and eat them, when he asked if I wanted to go for a little drive first. I grudgingly agreed and we went for a drive around Quidi Vidi Lake. He pulled over by the bandstand and immediately got out of the car and went around to remove a couple of items from the trunk. I had not been expecting a proposal but immediately knew something was up.
I watched from the car as he made his way down to the bandstand to set up. Once he was finished setting up, I noticed him on his hands and knees looking for something in the grass on the pathway next to the bandstand. After about five minutes he came up to the car and opened my door. The look on his face was of total despair. He said, “I lost the ring.”
I swear my heart almost came out of my chest as I processed what he had just said. Before I even had a chance to speak he said, “Hold on, I’ll try looking for it again. STAY HERE!”
After a couple of prayers to St. Anthony and holding my breath for what seemed like forever, he came back up and opened my door again. This time he had a huge smile and I knew he had found it. He took my hand and led me down the path in the pitch black. In the middle of the bandstand he had set up a blanket, a candle in this huge glass vase and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. I could tell his nerves were starting to get the better of him when he got down on one knee and opened a little black box to ask me to marry him.
We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary and our family now includes two beautiful children. We couldn’t be happier - and, yes, he is still as romantic and clumsy as he was that dark, windy night.
Submitted by Laura Percy